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Water Trucking

Water Trucking

The water tracking increase coverage of water significantly and improved daily water access. In the 2021, 2022 and 2023 budget year IHS has installed water tanks with the capacity of 25,000 liters capacity at Alemwach refugee site and water tanks with the capacity of 10,000 liters temporary settlements for Eritrean refugees in the Northern Gondar, Amhara region. Some the water tanks are installed in the nearby health center with water system installations that can serve both the refugee and host community. Following the support from RRS and EU IHS has also installed water tanks with pipeline installation that can reach and serve 11, 000 host communities in Alemwach refugee site area. The water tanks in the refugee site can serve 25,000 refugees to have access to clean water.

As part of the WASH Project Components funded by UNHCR and SIF, IHS demonstrated successful performance implementation in running Emergency Water Trucking in Alemwach and Metema refugee site. In this intervention, Currently IHS managed to deliver an average of 896,930 Liters of standard water provision for more than 55,000 populations on daily basis.