I H S - E T H I O P I A


Our Mission: Save Lives and Support Self-Reliance


Tigray Region

Facing recent challenges due to conflict, the Tigray Region requires urgent humanitarian intervention. IHS has stepped in with projects addressing critical needs. Through emergency education programs and provision of scholastic materials, IHS ensures that conflict-affected children have access to learning opportunities. Water system management, including borehole drilling and rehabilitation, remains a key focus to alleviate water scarcity. By actively engaging in protection monitoring and providing psychosocial support services, IHS is committed to supporting the immediate and long-term well-being of the Tigray population.


Recognizing the profound impact of conflict on the psychosocial well-being of communities, IHS places a strong emphasis on mental health and psychosocial support initiatives in the Tigray Region. By fostering resilience and providing a supportive environment, IHS endeavors to contribute to the healing and recovery of individuals and communities affected by conflict in Tigray.