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Save Lives and Support Self-Reliance


Self-reliance through leather ball making in refugee camp

Innovative Humanitarian Solutions (IHS) through its funding from UNHCR organized short term a Vocational Skill Training (VST) opportunity for 16 (5F) youths to supplement their livelihoods and self-reliance. The group went through leather ball making training for three weeks in 2015. After completion of the training, IHS also organized business

Solar distribution helps resident of Mai Kuhil kebele

The nearby local communities of Kebele and Mai Kuhil hosted the Eritrean refugee for a visit to the T/Adiyabo Woreda residents who face alternative sources of light and energy for lighting their daily live and for cooking their meals. In addition to its refugee operation responsibilities, IHS solicited a budget

IHS’s hair dressing project secures a sustainable livelihood for Natsinet’s family

Natsinet Tukabo is a 25-year-old Eritrean Kunama woman from Gashbarka/Shamboko. The Eritrean government suspected that her father had connections with anti-government forces. He was put in prison. Natsinet was forced to drop out of school in the 7th grade, at the age of 17. To support her family, she started