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Save Lives and Support Self-Reliance

Water System Management

Borehole Drilling and Rehabilitation

Access to clean and reliable water sources is a lifeline for communities, and IHS Ethiopia is dedicated to enhancing this lifeline through our Borehole Drilling and Rehabilitation program. Our organization recognizes the vital importance of boreholes to our goal of providing access to safe water to as many people as

Water Point Construction

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, and IHS Ethiopia is committed to making this right a reality for communities through our Water Point Construction program. We believe that clean and safe water should be accessible to all, and our initiatives are a testament to this belief. Over

Water Tank Installation

In the pursuit of ensuring access to safe and clean water, IHS Ethiopia takes a multifaceted approach, and our Water Tank Installation initiative plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Access to potable water is a fundamental human right, and our organization is dedicated to making it a reality

Water Trucking

Water scarcity is a prevalent issue in many regions, and IHS Ethiopia is actively addressing this challenge through our Water Trucking initiative. Our organization has implemented this program to significantly increase water coverage and improve daily access to clean water. Our dedicated efforts have resulted in the installation of water