In times of crisis, ensuring proper sanitation facilities becomes a top priority, and IHS Ethiopia is committed to providing immediate solutions through our Emergency Latrine Construction program. Our efforts are a testament to our dedication to the well-being of communities facing challenging circumstances.

During April 2023, following a conflict that led to a mass displacement of people, our organization sprang into action. A total of 248,000 individuals crossed into neighboring countries, while 26,400 people sought refuge by crossing the Metema Border into Ethiopia. In response to the urgent need for sanitation facilities, we swiftly constructed twenty-three blocks of communal latrines, each equipped with six seats, at the Metema Yohannes transit site and Kumer refugee site in Metema.

The urgency of the situation also prompted us to take action against a cholera outbreak. Thanks to the generous funding support provided by UNHCR and SIF, we constructed two additional blocks of communal latrines at the Gendawuha hospital and CDC center in Western Gondar. These newly established latrines now benefit an estimated 12,000 people who rely on these public facilities for their sanitation needs.

At IHS Ethiopia, we understand the importance of providing sanitation facilities in emergency situations. We are committed to ensuring that individuals affected by crises have access to safe and clean latrines to maintain their health and dignity.